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Ian Warr's Reet Ceasar Salad

Feeds 2-4 people per preparation bowl

One bunch Rubi-Ka Romaine lettuce
Two Reet eggs (hard boiled, soft yellow yolk)
One Reet breast of meat, skinless Shredded Bronto Cow Cheese (Asiago, Parmesian, or both)
2 to 4 ounces Tir Olive Oil
Fresh black pepper (Or peppermill ground)

Prepare large area in refrigerator for chilling.

1. Prepare the Reet breast by pan-frying under medium heat in 4 teaspoons oil.
2. When cooked to a golden glaze, remove from heat, cut into strips 15mm x 50mm or so.
3. Chill meat in a tray in the cooling device (refrigerator)

4. Slice the romaine lengthwise, then shred by hand the opposite way, so you have large bite-size salad chunks
5. Chop the egg whites of the hard boiled eggs, and then crumble the yolks.
6. Place the romaine in a large mixing bowl, coat with the olive oil.
7. Sprinkle with black pepper (Or fresh ground pepper) so it sticks to the olive oil.
8. Mix with the egg whites and yolk crumbles; do not mix too harsh, you want the crumbles to not smoosh.
9. Portion into salad bowls, and sprinkle the shredded cheese on top of the salad.
10. Chill for 20 minutes or get an NT to cast Frost Slivers, then thaw.

Serves as a nice appetizer to a dinner party, or alone as a dinner salad itself!

Can skip the meat for an ovo-lacto vegetarian dish
Cucumbers added (sliced then halved for small moons) for flavor and eye appeal.
Onions in small squares or as strings may be mixed before the egg is added.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (first pressed) always better, can add garlic, oregano,
thyme, or fresh cilantro for a myriad of variations to this classic salad!

None known. Historically served in "Western" style cafes and restaraunts, often overpriced

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