Viss88, Notum Chef
-Fried Leet Chops
-Ian Warr's Reet Ceasar Salad
-Rome Blue Lime Bronto Steak
-Philip Ross' Power Drink
-Henry Radiman's Lemonade

Anarchy Online Cookbook

Welcome to the Anarchy Online cookbook! I hope you find my work helpful.

Before my career as an Adventurer, I was Head Chef for the Lush Hills Resort.
I have also catered the finest banquets Rome Blue has ever known.
Three times I have received the non-factional Notum Chef Award for excellence.
Recipies are available to all factions, in hopes food might bring peace to Rubi-Ka.

Samples of my fine yet simple creations are listed here.

Electronic recipe books can be purchased via HUDmail at this HUDlink;

CHANNEL OMNI-554-66208-96

600 Jobe Luxury Estates
Jobe Plaza
302-600 West

Cost: 1995CR - Please allow 3 minutes for delivery

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