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Henry Radiman's Lemonade

Feeds 2-4 people per preparation bowl

Electric Juicer (Any type, pulp separator desired)
Four Omni-Grove red apples, large, unpeeled. Sliced in quarters. Cut out seeds.
One large Omni-Grove lemon, unpeeled. Sliced in quarters

Prepare when ready to drink - discolors if kept over 30 minutes

To prepare per glass/serving;
1. Start up the juicer
2. Add apple slices one at a time for one full apple
3. Add one quarter lemon

Serve over ice; can use chilled fruits as well

A pear from the southern Milky Way Valley can be added, about a quarter to a half per serving
Optional garnishment with a maraschino cherry or two!

This is an ancient "hi tech" way to make a summertime treat, enjoyed for 30000 years
on Earth. Apples are substituted for sugar, a refined plant sweetener now extinct and banned on Rubi-Ka.

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