Typos are intact

Command What It Does
/delay 1000 adds a time delay. 1000 = 1 second.
/(emote) performs the emote, such as /pulp
/selectself target yourself
%t replaces %t with whatever you are currently targeting
%f replaces %f with whatever you are currently fighting
%m replaces %m with your name (useful if you want a script to use your name but still be useable amonst multiple characters.
/pet (command) use this to control pets--you can use /pet attack, /pet follow, /pet terminate, /pet guard, /pet report, /pet rename "(new name)", /pet behind, /pet wait, /pet hunt, /pet terminate, /pet report, /pet heal (if able to do so), and /pet chat "(message)"
/afk go afk
/quit exit the game rapidly, going linkdead
/camp exit the game
/ignore (name) toggle ignore on and off
%1, %2, %3, etc if you run /myscript bob cow chicken, then /myscript will run and will replace each %1 with the first word shown (bob), %2 the second word, and so on
/(space), /g, /o, /s, /w, /text, etc select the channel you want the dialog in your macro to be broacast in. I strongly suggest you do this so you don't accedently send messages to the wrong channel
/voice (sound) Use this if you have Notum Wars activated and you are using the voices--just replace (sound) with the sound you want, like "heal" or "run"